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Recent Articles

San Francisco East Bay Election Influence

The East Bay area of San Francisco has really been watching the polls, not just for who our next elected officials will be, but because of how the elections will impact the local housing market. It’s an ugly subject but one that is really being covered and analyzed right now.  To quote the San Francisco […]

3 Walnut Creek Real Estate Trends in 2017

2017 is almost here. Each year, around this time, people in the real estate profession start to predict what the big trends will be for the upcoming year. At Sam Benson Realty, we don’t bank on trends because…well, they’re trends. What we do look forward to are pivots in business and within the market. Below […]

Holiday Season Home Buying

The last quarter of every year always seems to have a uptick in home buying. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Some people say it is the holiday spirit while others truly believe it is the quarter to make final financial commitments for the year. Either way, there is an upswing in the home buying […]

5 DIY Tips for Staging Homes in Walnut Creek

According to, 94% of homes staged by staging professionals sold in an average of 29 days or less compared to the average 145 for un-staged homes.  At Sam Benson Realty, we agree that staging a home in the greater Walnut Creek area not only helps your home sell faster, but it increases the chances […]

3 “Right Now” Tips for Homebuying

Real estate changes as different financial and employment trends change.  As we head into the 4th quarter of 2016, there are a few tips that should be important to buyers. I call them the “Right Now” tips as they apply to the buying segment of the real estate market now. So, what are they? 1. […]

Appraisers Wanted… Nationally

If you read the real estate news, you already know that as of today- we have a shortage of real estate appraisers on a national level. This is a big deal in our industry because without appraiser, the price of getting someone to view a home not only goes up, but the time for him […]

Investors Seeking Real Estate

If you follow the stock market, there is big news today. Apple, Starbucks and other companies are not seeing the “charge” in their stock today as it seems investors are now looking even more so at property than stock when it comes to placing their cold, hard cash.  And, as if investing in hard property […]

Location, Location – The ‘Why’ Behind This

Almost everyone has heard that in real estate “location, location, location” means everything. Well, this is very true, but do you know the reason(s) behind the popular sayings? Location is important to a home buyer for three very vital reasons. When buying a home, and even when selling a home, location is important to what […]

5 Quick Walnut Creek Home Buying Tips

You want to buy a home now, but you don’t want to do a bunch of research or see home after home. You need a place fast and you don’t want to sacrifice quality  or square footage quantity either. Well, here at Sam Benson Realty, we have the top 5 tips to help you quickly […]

Benson Property Management in East Bay, CA Shares Rental Story!

Regardless if you’re a senior looking to downsize and rent out your home or a senior considering his or her living lifestyle, Benson Property Management out of East Bay, California says thinking ahead is definitely a “to do”, so much so that owner Sam Benson has wrote an Op-ed piece. Benson’s recent piece was inspired […]

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About Sam Benson

Sam Benson’s expertise as a real estate broker, mortgage banking executive, residential developer and investor gives him a unique and comprehensive understanding of the entire process. Buyers, sellers and investors depend on his blend of knowledge, creativity, and experience.

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