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Recent Articles

3 Downsizing Design Tips

In Walnut Creek, we have a lot of seniors who look to downsize the family home to rightsize their present lifestyles. Well, regardless if a senior is rightsizing into a condo, townhouse, smaller home, or assisted care community, the smaller space can take a minute to adjust to. Below are 3 downsizing design tips to […]

Biggest Summer Real Estate Trend

There are many articles right now about the trends in real estate, but the biggest one has to do with cities like Walnut Creek. That’s right, second-tier cities (as they are called) are cities near main hubs (like our city to San Francisco). These cities are benefiting simply from lower costs of living, the increasing ease […]

Property Management (BPM)

Benson Property Management (BPM) is now officially servicing the greater Contra Costa County. BPM provides professional property management services to both seasoned investors and individual owners. For Immediate Release: Benson Property Management is now operating in San Francisco’s most popular suburbs, Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County.  The company, owned and operated by Real Estate […]

A Common Real Estate Lie

Here is a common real estate lie; you should overprice your home when listing it. Hmm. How many times have you played price compare on something small, like a new TV or computer? You usually have a list of wants and needs when thinking about buying something minor and you usually look around to see […]

Home Selling Myths

For whatever reason, there are many myths associated with selling one’s home. I recently learned of this after I was speaking with a couple who wanted to, and needed to, sell their home. The couple was completely freaked out about the process because of the myths that they had heard. After some digging, I discovered […]

The # 1 Reason to Buy A Condo

There are many reasons why you should buy a condo, just like there are many reasons one should invest in their own home. When clients come to me seeking to buy a condo, they usually are concerned about actual property. There seems to be confusion as to why the condo investment is a good investment. […]

3 Ways to Easily Downsize Your Home

One of my specialties is helping seniors downsize the family home to something smaller with more amenities and less stress. Downsizing can improve quality of life, that is- after the initial stress of understanding why and how to downsize in style. Thus, I have put together 3 tips to easily downsize your home. Step 1: […]

Low Inventory in Walnut Creek

I recently was asked about real estate inventory in and around the Walnut Creek, California area. It is no secret that homes for sale in our area are few and far between. Well, in a way this is good news. It shows that our market is stable and that our residents are very happy where […]

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

When I work with a client to downsize a home, I also get to meet couples who are looking to buy their very first home. After years of working within the real estate industry, there are a lot of things that I have heard and seen that are just not true within my industry. One […]

The Tech Boom in San Francisco

A few thoughts on why real estate professionals need to consider the impact of nearby “boom” cities. The good, the bad, and the congestion! A few months ago, I penned a piece on my personal blog discussing what is now trending in the media; San Francisco’s tech boom and its impact on local rent and real […]

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About Sam Benson

Sam Benson’s expertise as a real estate broker, mortgage banking executive, residential developer and investor gives him a unique and comprehensive understanding of the entire process. Buyers, sellers and investors depend on his blend of knowledge, creativity, and experience.

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