10 Fun Activities for Seniors

All right, this week I have put together a list of things active seniors can do during their Golden years. Grab your partner or your friends and pick and choose from all the fun activities I am about to show you. Unfortunately as we become older we tend to become sedentary and in order to help you off the couch and out there I decided to research this topic a bit further.  Take a look at al the great things I have found!


If you feel going for a walk or a hike is not that fun on its own, add a bit of flare and go on a treasure hunt. Pick the area where you live and find the treasure someone hid just for you. This is great fun for all ages so if you want to grab your grandkids, I am sure they will have a great outdoor adventure with you as well.

Senior Olympics

Yes! You can compete in a variety of sports in state level. Archery, cycling, horseshoes, lawn games, and board games – the list of things you can do is really endless. Get involved and become the next national champion.


Get active, fit with other seniors. Join this great program that offers Medicare-eligible adults memberships to participating fitness centers. And yes, there are four centers you can choose from in Walnut Creek.

Red Hat Society

Ladies, this one is specifically for you.  What started out as teatime for middle-aged friends in red hat soon escalated into a global society where women can connect, support and encourage women in their pursuit of humor, fun and friendship.


This is one of my favorites. Score is a non-profit organization dedicating their time to mentor small businesses get off the ground and reach their potential. You have the knowledge, the experience so why not help the young talents? Or if you are considering starting your own business, this place boasts great benefits.


Since you are here reading my blog I know that you have some computer skills already. However if you want to learn more or have a friend who is having a hard time with computers than have them try this site. Easy to follow and in no time anyone can feel comfortable using today’s technologies.


I have no link for this activity. It is very simple and anyone can do it. Yes you can too! Next time you go for a walk or hike, just grab your camera and bring back all the wonderful things you saw. Make sure you show it to your family and friends. Everyone loves a great photo.


Maybe it is raining outside and you feel a bit bored. Look no further! On this website you will find hundreds of fun trivia games that will keep you busy for hours.


Ok this activity might not be fun for you gentleman at first but I bet you would love to taste some fantastic cakes and cookies once they are done. Check out this website and browse through the thousands of fantastic recipes from created by people like you.


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