19 Foods to Help Fight the Anti-Aging Battle in Walnut Creek

Living the good life in the San Francisco East Bay is about so much more than the material things. Certainly purchasing real estate, buying a home, and enjoying financial success are important. But as we all age, the Holy Grail is to appreciate all of those things in good health and with a sound mind.

While it’s my job to help you buy and sell real estate in the Walnut Creek area, I also find enjoyment in encouraging others – especially seniors – to enhance their health. To that end, I present this week’s Anti-Aging Health Tips.

Blueberries, walnuts, pomegranate juice and curry powder.

Antioxidants in some fruit (blueberries/pomegranate) and spice (curry) along with omega-3 fatty acid in walnuts and oils (flax) may help stem dementia by reducing inflammation of the brain that occurs with age-related dementia.

Sesame Seeds, Strawberries, Red Wine, Dried Cherries, Kale, Kiwi fruit, Poblano Peppers, Onions, Marinara Sauce, Baby Spinach, Brewed Black Tea, and Lemons.

Ah, how can you go wrong with a list like this? Stroll into a fine restaurant in Benicia or Pleasant Hill and enjoy a sensible meal with a heavy dose of marinara sauce, some baby spinach, onions and red wine. Sounds heavenly and decadent, right? Ah, but it’s also good for you.

All of the foods listed above are considered to be excellent warriors in the battle to prevent cancer. Berries and peppers especially hold strong amounts of Vitamin C, a substance thought to control cancer, while the antioxidants in red wine, black tea and onions serve the same purpose. And, believe it or not, marinara sauce provides a kick of energy.

Chicken, Raisins, and Bulgur Wheat:

The iron in lean proteins and some plants provide premium fuel to bodily tissues and organs, allowing them to function to full capacity. Meanwhile, whole grains like Bulgur wheat are digested slowly, an attribute that provides plenty of extra energy for the body as you bike the neighborhood around your home, hike Mt. Diablo or sail the East Bay of San Francisco!

Next week, I’ll highlight 19 more foods that can help the anti-aging process.