2015 Real Estate Tips for Seniors

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Regardless if you’re in San Francisco or New York, the national real estate market is seeing the same trends for the last month of 2014 and first quarter of 2015- especially when it comes to seniors buying “right size” housing.

This said, I put together a courtesy list of the top 3 real estate tips for senior citizens (buying or selling a home) during 2015.

1. Residential homes are going to be more in demand. This means sellers will slightly gain an upper hand when it comes to negotiating a deal on their homes. In fact, home prices are meant to increase around 4 to 4.5% by May of 2015 according to a government agency.
2. Buying near water will be more in demand than ever before. If you’re a senior seeking a new home or looking to sell your existing home, waterfront locations (or even a home within 2 miles of water) will sell faster than land-based counterparts. People are connecting more with nature and organic and holistic lifestyle trends are associated with homes near water.
3. Offer a deal (or look for one) that includes the existing furniture. If you don’t need the furniture, you can auction it off or keep it until you can have new furniture delivered. Turnkey homes, even if the furniture is dated, are still more in demand (and will be in 2015) vs. having to hire someone to move and reassemble furniture. You can leverage your home’s sale by throwing in the furniture or even leverage a purchase by making an offer to keep the furniture so the homeowner doesn’t have to move it.