2016 Is The Year To Downsize!

It is right around this time of year that I get asked about trends in real estate for the up and coming year. Well, let me say this – the ability for seniors to make a pretty penny on their family home when deciding to rightsize will remain. Gen Y has the largest share of first-time home buyers with the numbers around 68 to 74 perfect this quarter and into the first quarter of 2016. With so many tech jobs in the San Francisco market, areas like Greater Walnut Creek will continue to be in-demand when it comes to Gen Y picking a place to start a family and buy their first home.

The first trend I expect to see is the return of a great deal. What does this mean? Well, there is a rise in single-family home sales attributed to a 2012 incline growth spurt that hasn’t stopped. This will continue well into 2016, and this will lead to an increase in inventory. Home sellers will have to compete a bit harder to gain the attention of Gen Y home buyers, which means working with someone who can properly advertise and position your property, and who will make it a great deal.

The other trend I expect to see is creative gifting. Real estate agents and brokers are always looking for ways to capture new and referral business. Personalized gifts show that clients are clients, not numbers. A big deal right now are hand-made address stamps with a client’s new home address on them. The stamps get photographed, go viral, the clients talk about their home and – of course- the person who helped them get that home. For those of you who are thinking about selling your home, no this isn’t important to you. But if you pick the right agent / broker, it will be. They can not only help your home sell, but they can cause your former home to go viral and increase the desire of the neighborhood, helping friends in the same area sell their homes quicker too!

Creativity and increased inventory are the two trends I see agents, brokers, and sellers focusing in on as we head into 2016.

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