3 Mistakes That Will Not Sell Your Walnut Creek House

You’re looking to sell your home. It’s been on the market and – in an industry where inventory is low- you have not had any bites. Your real estate professional has the price where it is very competitive and appealing, so what is going on?
Below are my top 3 reasons why homes are not selling when the price is competitive;

1. Too many personal items. People want to see themselves in your home, not have a constant reminder of you in the home. Try cutting down on the personal photos, splashes of personal sayings, etc. This small detail actually is the one thing that harms a home’s buy ability.
2. Keeping weird hours that don’t allow the house to sell. You have to be willing to have your house shown whenever possible. Putting restrictions on when the house will be shown means cutting out potential buyers from ever seeing and falling in love with the home.
3. Trash. Yes, trash. Even thought it is covered in the garbage can, it can omit an odor that you become custom to. Take the trash out every single morning and every single night until the house sells. More so, light a pastry scented candle two hours before your house is to be shown.