3 Things to Consider When Buying

Usually the 55+ demographics of buyers have different wants, needs, and budgets when buying a home vs. a new homeowner demographic. There are no rules that should dictate how and what property you purchase in either demographic. This said, there are three common things that I tell my senior demographic to consider when downsizing the family home for a different living / lifestyle situation.

First, consider your emotions. Leaving the family home or having to move into an assisted living situation can be very hard. Moving is stressful as it is, but adding in overwhelming emotions can make the thoughts of selling and buying very daunting. Being overly emotional or attached to the past is very normal as it comes time to transition into a different tone within this period of your life. It can also be very exciting, which can be overwhelming. A fresh start, a time to focus on you, a smaller financial commitment – it can keep you up at night. Don’t feel like you’re alone. Moving is an emotional process and you have every right to be nervous, excited- or both!

Second, consider who you work with. Not every agent or broker specializes in 55+ senior lifestyle housing for buying or selling. SRES® designees have specific education, experience and networks to find properties, determine appropriate offers, and negotiate purchases on your behalf. Remember this when deciding to work with me or anyone else.

Finally, know that you’re not alone- even if you literally are or feel this way.  There are resources available to help you buy or sell a home. Your realtor or broker should have the necessary network of experts, such as home inspectors, movers, attorneys, and CPAs, to ensure that the purchase of your new residence, and the move, go smoothly.

Still have questions? Contact me. I’m always happy to talk real estate and provide an honest assessment of your situation.