3 Things To Look For When Buying A Home

There are countless blogs dedicated to how and why to buy a home. There are also countless blogs on what to look for as far as home improvement needs before signing on the dotted line. Well, I want to take this a bit further. What in Walnut Creek specifically should people look for? As I pondered the questioned, I realized there was a thin line between what they SHOULD look for when investing in a home or condo vs. what they were REALLY looking for.

Well, it is time to clear the air. Here are the top three things you SHOULD look for, in Walnut Creek, when buying a home or condo;

1. Water and pipe issues. Home buyers tend to be “Wowed” by upgraded appliances or beautiful flooring in a kitchen. I’m always astounded when no one looks underneath the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Yes, you can and should open those doors. Does the underneath-the-sink area smell moldy or damp? Are there obvious leaks? Is there evidence of dried up leaks? Mold is unsightly and foul-smelling, and it can also cause health problems. Do you see any mold?

2. Does the house turn you on? I mean this literally. Don’t walk around a potential home, and major financial commitment, without flushing toilets, turning on showers and faucets, asking to see the sprinkler system work. Open and shut built in furniture doors, closet handles, garage doors- whatever you can turn on or open … do so! This will give you a better feel for the house and any major or minor issues that you may run into living there.

3. Knock on both neighbors’ doors. Yes, the neighbors. Most people love their house and have a sore spot for their neighbors. And yes, while neighbors come and go – most in Walnut Creek don’t do so often. You want to meet the people you are going to be living with before you sign on the dotted line. Oh, and if you meet two or three neighbors who seem like they are not a good match for your lifestyle, but are saturated the block your potential home is on, it may be time to reassess where you want to live!

Until next time,
Sam Benson