3 Tips for Seniors Looking to Downsize

Seniors who are looking to downsize the family home have alot of options when it comes to picking a real estate broker or real estate agent to work with. There are certain positive attributes to look for when hiring someone to help you with this transition in life.  I have decided to pen the top three attributes to look for when downsizing your home, as a senior, and selecting the right person to work with. They are as follows;

1.  Ask a senior-centric business for a real estate referral!  Professionals who work with seniors are a great l resource because they know firsthand how the needs of a senior can differ from the needs of the general public. It’s very important for the real estate agent who gets referred to a senior client to do a great job; otherwise, both the senior professional and the referral look bad. A referral is the best source of business these days. Make sure to speak up and ask!

2. Don’t go into the potential agent’s office.  Instead, meet for coffee or lunch. Spend time with him and her before signing anything. You need to ask the right questions and you need to review the agent or broker’s  online presence and rating.  It’s worth taking the time to get to know the professionals whom you’re asking to handle your downsize transition. And, again, ask for references and vet the person, even with a referral, before signing anything.

3. Ask about the marketing plan. People become so focused on the price of the sale that they forget to ask the agent or broker’s plan to actually get a sale. You need to know what your person’s plan is. If this question stumps him or her, move on! A plan should include online listings, traditional real estate magazines, open houses, mailings, Internet advertising and even more in-person and online marketing efforts. And always ask to get a copy of the marketing plan in writing. Yes, you can do this!