3 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

I was recently asked how to price a home to sell it quickly. I am asked this question all the time, but when I was asked recently – there was a different tone. The investor didn’t care about market value or upgrades- he wanted to flip the home. So, what do you do to help move a home when you have no emotional attachment? Well, the answer is as simple as 1,2,3!

1. Make sure you set an aggressive price. Show that you’re not interested in playing negotiating games, but you have an interest in a sale. Be upfront with your firm price at the lowest possible rate that you can take.  This will make you competitive and in today’s market, you probably will get above asking price.

2. Curb appeal. I understand no investments and no emotional attachments, but curb appeal sells a home.  Pay someone to landscape and paint the outside of the home so that it reflects the home’s inner possibilities.

3.  Get on social media, including Snapchat. People can’t find a deal on a home if they don’t know about it. More and more investors and agents are posting their inventory and open houses on social media. Are you?