5 DIY Tips for Staging Homes in Walnut Creek

According to StagedHomes.com, 94% of homes staged by staging professionals sold in an average of 29 days or less compared to the average 145 for un-staged homes.  At Sam Benson Realty, we agree that staging a home in the greater Walnut Creek area not only helps your home sell faster, but it increases the chances to get more money for it, too.   Here are our top 5 tips for staging a home in the Walnut Creek area.

1. Hire a professional cleaning coming to come in and do a deep cleaning.  Staging a home is not going to help if there is cracked caulking in the bathtub, spots on mirrors, or dust on the ceiling fans. Buying grout and caulk is inexpensive and it helps people to see the pleasant side of your home.  Make sure to touch up the caulking in kitchen and bathrooms. When you do hire a professional cleaning team, emphasize that mirrors should be spotless, counters in kitchen should sparkle, lighting fixtures & ceiling fans dusted. Any carpeted areas should be vacuumed; vinyl/tile/hardwoods swept, mopped and polished. Furniture dusted, blinds cleaned. And doors around the handles need to be wiped to get rid of hand smudges.

2.  But the big and small things up for sale, either at a yard sale to benefit a local charity or using an online app. Toss those magnets from your fridge, clean off desk space and rid yourself of unwanted clutter.  Buyers WILL be looking in your closets and kitchen drawers/cabinets. They need to visualize how their things will fit in their new home. If they see junk, they can think poorly of the home- so get rid of everything that you don’t need and store the rest.

3.  Clean up the front and back yard. This means removing all dead plants and shrubbery and replace with fresh ones. Make sure sidewalks and front door walkways are clear of leaves and debris. Replace  burnt out light bulbs. Get rid of cob webs around exterior doors and windows. Remove children’s toys left about the yard. And use an edger on your walkways and around trees and bushes to create clean, defined beds.

4.  Let there be light! Make sure that all of your blinds & curtains are open when the house is being shown. Turn on all the lights and lamps in the home, even during the day, when it is being shown.. Lighting makes a huge difference. No buyers want to walk in to a home that feels dark. Lights on make the home feel warm and welcoming.

5.  Pay attention to the bathroom- not just the kitchen! Bathrooms play a BIG role when selling your home. Replace broken tiles, update fixtures if they are outdated (brass, we’re talking to you), and if the tiles themselves are outdated, consider having them painted for a quick and cheap fix. Also consider accessorizing the bathroom with baskets, rolled towels and candles to give it that spa feel.