5 Home Staging Tips to Avoid

When selling your home, there are a few things you want to do. Staging your home to look like a model home is  a big step. It takes the personal touches out of the property to let potential buyers better envision themselves in the home. This said, there are a few staging tips that can backfire and actually make your home sit longer on the market. I have taken the liberty to note what the top 5 staging mistakes / tips to avoid are and listed them below.

#1 –  Family-friendly home. You don’t want to make it look like you’re trying by leaving some toys around or some laundry folded and in the laundry room. Clutter is clutter, no matter how cute you make it. Put the laundry, toys, and other daily living items away.

#2. Don’t leave specialty colors on the wall.  Neutral is always best. Some people think leaving loud colors in the kitchen actually helps a sale because it shows a home’s personality. Actually, the opposite it true. The louder the color, the more work to repaint comes to mind for the potential buyer- lessening their interest in the home.

#3. Leaving beds with the less is more feature. Bed skirts are always a plus. A simple sheet and a simple blanket is NOT enough. While personal items and paint should be left a minimum, bedding shouldn’t.

#4. Photos of the family. Weirdly enough, photos of a family within a home for sale has a negative impact on potential buyers. There is a link to this behavior, where groups cited they feel the family had bad luck or ran into a divorce as a possibility for the home’s sale – which can then leave bad energy in the home. So yes, photos of happy families actually delay sales.

#5. Forgetting the ash trays. Yes, ashtrays. Even if you smoke outside or only keep ashtrays around for the occasional guest smoker, the ashtray can turn a buyer off. So, if you spend a little money and a lot of effort on fixing up your home for a proper staging – make sure you also remove the ashtray. It is a small detail but one that counts.

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