Assisted Living 101

When seniors are looking to rightsize, they have to consider what type of living lifestyle actually fits their physical and financial needs. Not too many people talk about transitioning to independent or assisted living communities when they discuss selling the family home – but this type of conversation is being had. To  help clarify the benefits of assisted living and independent living situations, I thought I would notate the top reasons why senior couples and single seniors sell the family home for alternative lifestyle housing.

1. No Yard Work and Home Maintenance

Seniors don’t want to commit the time (or can’t commit the physical movement needed) to owing the lawn, climbing a ladder to change light bulbs, pulling weeds, vacuuming and so forth.

2. Boredom Is An Issue

Independent and assisted living facilities offer entertainment and activities, both on-site and in the local community. There is always something to do and new friends to make.

3. Better Relationships

Younger family members are liberated from the role of full-time caregivers, as older residents are glad to return to the role of family matriarch or patriarch and often pleased that their grown children no longer have to “parent the parent.” [sic: AARP]

4. Easier Dining

Residents don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, meal preparation or even coffee brewing. All the residents have to worry about is enjoying diner-like three square meals per day.

5. Safety.

Independent and assisted living provides seniors with the peace of mind that comes from the emergency response systems that are usually in each apartment, or sometimes on the resident’s person as a pendant.And many facilities provide daily well-checks.