Benefits of Buying in Walnut Creek

There are many benefits when buying a home in Walnut Creek’s greater area. So many benefits that when my senior clientele downsize the family home, there are almost always multiple offers and it ends up selling above asking price! Walnut Creek is a desirable place to live, retire or even start a family. If you’re moving to the area, here is a list on the many benefits associated with buying a home in Walnut Creek, California.

The schools are better funded when compared to other California schools. Sure, they still have their challenges, but when compared to other districts, Walnut Creek schools are doing amazing.

Housing prices are competitive when considering the Bay area and we have lot of suburban sprawl, making it a beautiful place to live and an even more beautiful commute- which many people who work in the Bay area are doing since it is only a 30-60 min drive.

Walnut Creek’s has many  high-end shopping and restaurant options. We also have diversity in culture. For example,  the Civic Arts program offers  opportunities for creative learning, ballet, opera, and theater for children and people of all ages!

We enjoy a ‘Mediterranean’ climate, which offers cool, wet winters. Our summers are dry and hot  but still tolerable enough to enjoy  sitting outside to dine or chat with friends.

Walnut Creek has so many benefits. We are close enough to a major city but far enough to have a sense of calm community. If you’re interested in buying or selling in this area, please contact me. I am always available to sit down and have a local cup of coffee with you!

Sam Benson