Bye McDonalds, Hello 2nd Whole Foods Location

If  you read my prior blog on Starbuck’s impact on real estate, you’re about to experience an even more powerful real estate price driver…. Whole Foods.  Walnut Creek, CA already has one Whole Foods store.  The city lost a McDonald’s and now we’re bracing for a second Whole Foods location within our city. The new location will be located on Ygnacio Valley Road and Oak Grove Road.  Oh, and there’s more….


Whole Foods is taking over the Tri Valley area and the saturation of delicious, local and organic food options will continue with stores in the Santa Clara yet to be built and one in Dublin, CA. The 40,000-square-foot Dublin store will  open May 20. It will bring an estimated 225 jobs to the city. Which brings me back to my point about Whole Foods’ impact on local real estate. The chain brings in jobs, money and a better quality of life for local cities.

Whole Foods markets go into locations that have 200,000 people or more within a 20-minute drive time radius and must be between 25,000 and 50,000 square feet. And,  as people get pushed to the outer limits of the Bay Area due to rising housing costs, more opportunities open up for Whole Foods development- which, in return, will drive up real estate prices.  It’s a cycle and a good one for those seeking affordable real estate (for now) and a great quality of life within the greater Walnut Creek area.

If you’re seeking to buy or sell your home, and you want to know more about the Starbucks and Whole Foods’ impact within your area, contact me!