Contra Costa Broker’s Tours and Preparing Your Home

Strategies that Get You Top Dollar and Sell Your Home Quickly

Before you start choosing dates for an open house there are certain steps you must take in order to ensure that you get the top dollar for your real estate.  North Contra Costa County has a broker open tour on Tuesday and South Contra Costa has its broker tour on Thursday.  Broker tours gets the word out to other agents and brokerages.   The line of delineation is Alamo south and Walnut Creek north. 

Disengage your emotions:  You might have been living in the same house for ten, twenty or even more years and to you it has become more then a piece of real estate-it’s a part of your life. But if you have decided to sell your house, you need to start thinking of the house as marketable commodity as property as real estate not as your home where your children took their first steps.  You goal is to make other people see it as their potential house not yours. In order to achieve that you need come to terms with the fact that soon this house will no longer be your home. Remove the emotion from the equation and don’t look backwards

De-personalize:  As I said before potential buyers need to see the property as their potential home not yours. In order to help them envision your property as theirs, remove personal photographs, heirlooms, knick-knacks etc before showing them the house.

De-clutter: Don’t just put away your stuff boxes in the garage. Really think if you \ need this stuff, if you don’t get rid of it.  Don’t just throw it away; donate it so that someone else may be able to use it!

Fix-up the outside:  If your property does not appeal to the agent from the outside, he will probably not even step out of his car – you don’t want this to happen! In order to make sure that the exterior of your house appeals to the potential buyers and to the agents- get some landscaping done, make sure your sidewalks are clean, paint the front porch and so on.

Fix-up the inside:  Examine the interior of your house and try to see it as a potential buyer would. Rearrange your furniture, wax your floors, dust the furniture, clean the fans and the light fixtures.

Part of my job is to give your good advice and assist you in hiring the people that will assist in staging, painting, estate sales and all other needs.