Contra Costa Forclosures–A Mixed Bag

We live in a very diverse county.  On the positive side, we have always had good employment, measured growth and although people in east county will argue; good transportation.  BART put Contra Costa on the map.  In the 1980s corporations moved out of San Francisco to Oakland, San Ramon and Walnut Creek.  Cheaper rents, yes; but also a better and less expensive labor force.

The past 12 months in Conta Costa County has produced a large increase in mortgage defaults.  Buyers are still relectant to get into the market.  “LOOKING FOR THE BOTTOM OF THE REAL ESTATE MARKET.”

According to Data-Quick, a real estate reporting company; last week Walnut Creek did not add any foreclosures, neither did Alamo or Danville, Lafayette, nope and Orinda and Moraga–not a one.  The 680 and 24 corridor has a few homes owned buy banks and several homeowners trying to get out from underneath their debts.

Take the time to research the real estate markets that interest you.  Walnut Creek is a good example of a buyers market.  All prices ranges from first time hone buyers to multi million dollar homes.  The new FHA financing to a perfect tool for mortgages up to $725,000 in Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, etc.

It’s a great time to buy a homes!