Diablo Shadows


Diablo Shadows is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Walnut Creek, CA. Homes here, in North East Walnut Creek, have been built in the 60′s and late 70′s. This community enjoys the Diablo Shadows Park where you can take your family for a barbecue, your kids to the playground and your dog to the wonderful trails.

Diablo Shadows Home Values

(As of 06/2014)

Diablo Shadows, Walnut Creek, CA

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Three homes have sold in Diablo Shadows between March and June of 2014. The median Sales price of $900,000 results in an average price per square foot of $429, which is an 11% increase from the same period a year ago. 

Current Market Trends

There are currently 3 homes for sale in Diablo Shadows.

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92% of the properties in Diablo Shadows are owner occupied while the remaining 8% is rented. 60% of the people live 5 + years in the neighborhood before moving. Over 300 households make up the neighborhood where median age of the residents is 47 years old.

Diablo Shadows Schools

Diablo Shadows  is part of the Mount Diablo Unified school district.

Valle Verde Elementary School

Foothill Middle School

Northgate High School

Walkscore: 45/100

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