Do You Fear the Word “Rightsizing?”

Did you know there is a stigma around the word “rightsizing?” People thing that rightsizing means you are downsizing into a smaller home and giving up the responsibilities of yesterday. In a sense, you are…. but is this really a bad thing? Smaller living situations today have amazing benefits. While your larger family home may be more spacious, is it really luxurious? It may have been great for raising the family but now it is time for you to enjoy being you!

Rightsizing is about leaving years of hard work, sometimes overwhelming responsibility, and budgeting (often self-sacrificing) to meet the demands of your growing family all behind. When you sell the family home, often you are making a profit and moving into a home that has luxuries to meet your current lifestyle’s needs. For example, many senior-based communities have upgraded appliances and swap tiled tubs for granite sit-in showers.

Alarm systems, done-for-you yard maintenance, community activities, and more scenic views are all of the perks that come with newer (yes, smaller) home communities, condos, and senior living situations. Why anyone would think that rightsizing is negative, or a signal that you’re winding down in life, is beyond me.

For me, rightsizing means more freedom and money to do what you want to do. You can travel without worrying about grass growing (unless you want to mow your own grass) and you don’t have to do research to upgrade your current home appliances. You have options in this new, exciting phase of life and they look and feel great. You stay in control of your living situation only you upgrade to something better, not bigger.

Think of rightsizing in terms of a car. Maybe you had a big van (or minivan) to drive your kids around in. The van wasn’t the best looking vehicle but it served its purpose. After the kids move out, do you keep the van? It isn’t serving its purpose and I’m sure driving something smaller, more fuel (or energy) efficient, and more attractive would be a better option. Rightsizing is the same concept but applied to your housing situation.

If you’re hesitant about rightsizing, please contact me. I promise I will not push you into loving rightsizing. We can discuss it over coffee and either explore it more or just leave it at that.

Sam Benson, Real Estate Broker