Do You Feel Stuck?

Many times I speak with people who feel like they are stuck in their home. They want to move, but that stuck feel is overwhelming. These same people  know pricing in the San Francisco and East Bay – even Walnut Creek- markets are great right now. However, they had their home listed for months with an agent before deciding to move back into it and pull the listing.

CNN featured an article about being in a home you don’t want but can’t sell. Many of you may be in that situation. You want to move up or down in a home  but can’t because of the inability to sell your current home. Stop feeling stuck. I can help!

Again, the market has softened considerably and it isn’t going to spike up over night. Home owners should save money where they can and prepare for the opportunity down the road when the stuck feeling comes into play. Remember, t here will be a day- maybe even  months-  when a strong shift is will naturally occur in the real estate cycle. The shift will happen in the above mentioned areas because of the nature of the growing economy and the popularity of the zip codes. More people will be moving in that available residences which means the demand will drive prices up nicely.

You are not stuck…

You have options!