Does AMTRAK stop in Walnut Creek?


These days, public transportation in Contra Costa County is worth taking a look at.  Last week we took AMTRAK from Seattle to Martinez, California.  It was a great trip, AMTRAKemployees go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and the sightseeing was incredible.

The Coast Starlight runs through Puget Sound to Portland and then into the Cascade mountain in Oregon.  Breath taking views of snow covered mountains and pristine lakes.

Here’s my point.  AMTRAK does not stop in Walnut Creek, but the bus to AMTRAK does.  Take the 116 from Walnut Creek BART to Amtrak in Martinez.  It costs $2.oo per person and only take about 40 minutes.

Gas prices in Walnut Creek are increasing faster than a speeding Prius.  Alternative ways to get around are becoming a necessity.  Take the AMTRAK or the bus, it’s great for people watching too.