Easy Moving In Checklist

Honey, we got the house!

Ok, we are through the most important part of our real estate transaction. We got the house! We looked and looked, we found the perfect home, we made an offer, we negotiated and our offer was accepted. We waited for the entire process to take its course. We waited for a clean title for the home; we waited for inspections and lender approval and so on. We made it, you have the key to your new home in your hand and you are ready to jump right into your new life you’ve been waiting to start. I am just as excited as you are but let’s just slow down a bit. There are still many things you need to think about.

Easy Moving in Checklist

Address Change

Yes, this is a no brainer really. Once you move you need to make sure you change your address as soon as possible. Go to USPS.com and fill out the form online. It is easy as pie. But don’t stop there just yet. Go online and change your address instantly for the following as well:

  • Your financial institutions
  • Insurance carriers
  • Department of Drivers License – (you can write your new address onto the back of your drivers license up until your next renewal)
  • School
  • Work
  • Health Care Professionals

It is always better to take care of these right away so that we don’t end up not receiving important mail. Yes it takes a bit of time but not as much as it used to when we had no access to the internet. So lighten up this will be a breeze.

 Utility Bills

Yes I need to mention the utility bills in a separate paragraphs because the utility companies can differ from place to place. Do not forget to cancel all your utility bills at your old address! During our transaction I give you the list of all the utility companies at your new place. Make sure you call them all with your expected move-in date and set-up the following:

  • Garbage
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • HOA – (Homeowners Association if needed)
  • Security System


It is most likely that you received at least 1 set of key to your new home. Make sure to make a few copies! Keep a spare at home just in case and if you’d like give another to someone you trust with your life. Extra keys come in handy at unexpected times so it is better to just do this task now and get it out if the way.

Smoke Detectors

The previous owner might have told you that the batteries have just been changed but for a piece of mind always put new ones in the day you move in and keep plenty of extra batteries around for the time when that annoying beep starts going off indicating your batteries are about to die.


If you didn’t have one before it is a good time to go out and purchase one now. New home, new beginnings, new routines. Check your home for carbon-monoxide from time to time or simply leave one on at all times. It is better to be safe than sorry.

 Moving Truck

You need to set up a time when the moving truck or moving company will come and move all your stuff. Look around for good rates and schedule a date with them ahead of time to make sure they have the truck and the movers available. I have plenty of experience with moving companies, let me know if you need a trustworthy company that you could feel comfortable with.

Moving Boxes

Get lots of them and in many different sizes. You can pick them up at any local storage facility or moving company or you can ask your local grocery store if they have any they can give to you for free. Also do not forget about Cragslist where most likely you can get a good deal on a lot of boxes in good shape. Don’t forget tapes, markers, scissors, blankets, moving pads!

Moving Insurance

Make sure you have moving insurance. Many people do not even think about such a protection when moving from one place to another. It is well worth it however in case of an accident or damage to your furniture on the way to your new home.

Moving Expense

Keep a record of all your moving expenses, they might be tax deductible!

These are some of the most important things you need to think about before making your move to your new home. Yes they can be a hassle but do not put any off. If you need help with anything, let me know and I will do my best to make things smoother for you throughout the transition.