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Joseph Eichler and San Francisco East Bay Eichlers Post World War II in Northern California brought serviceman and women to the San Francisco Bay in droves.  Not only people retuning home but young men and women from all over the world that had passed through San Francesco to the Pacific Theatre and other foreign posts throughout the 1940’s through the 1960’s.  The common thread was the Bay Area’s beauty and opportunity. 
California was growing fast and furious.  Everyone wanted a piece of the lifestyle and future.

 The VA Bill allowed service men and women to buy homes with virtually no money down and low fixed interest rates.  Merchant builders like Eichler were positioning themselves for the mass. Eichler’s home are very different than the “rancher’ we all know.  Ranchers were shingled roofed, stucco sided homes with sheetrock for interior walls.  These materials covered over the structures making it fast and easy to build lots of home very quickly.  Eichler homes, built on post and beam with walls of glass and exposed wood ceilings were very different.  Airy and modern in design, they appealed to people that wanted a different look, known now as mid-century modern. 

Joseph Eichler built in San Francisco, Marin County, and San Mateo County; including Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and San Jose.  In the east bay, he built 246 homes in Oakland, 225 homes in Castro Valley, 245 homes in Concord and 382 homes in Walnut Creek, which 340 are in Rancho San Miguel and 42 are what are call “super Eichlers.” What’s an Eichler enthusiast?  “We love–bring the outside in” approach to architecture, floor to ceiling windows, skylights, interior atriums, etc. The post and beam construction has a “high tech” look, way before there was high tech.  Start a conversation with an Eichler enthusiast and you’ll get an ear full of passion. 

As an Eichler homeowner and enthusiast, I can provide you with the highest quality of personal representation, market expertise and resource consultation,  I hope you find my proactive approach benefits you  in every aspect of real estate, finance and design.  If you are considering selling or want to buy an Eichler or California Modern home in the San Francisco East Bay Area, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.