Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Safety Inspection for your home

We all need an electrical safety check once in a while and today I intend to help you out with a checklist that could not only save you money but most importantly will keep you and your family safe.

It is surprising that so many do not get their homes electrical wires inspected, especially since evidence shows most house fires are caused by faulty electrical wires or overloaded circuits. It should be one of our main concerns to keep our family safe and also to make sure one of our biggest investments – our home – will not parish in a fire.

An expert electrician can audit your home and if you feel it is time to have someone check your house let me know and I will refer you to the best in the Walnut Creek area. The report usually contains an assessment of the condition of your electrical installations and whether any work need to be done. Let’s first take a look at the times it is a good idea to have your home checked out.

·      To have peace of mind

·      When you are selling you property. (Having an inspection done is a very good selling point to any buyer.)

·      The home is older than 25 years old and doesn’t have a recent inspection

·      You have old wiring in your house

·      If you have any concerns and some of you appliances are older than 5 years

However, there are certainly many things we too can check ourselves to keep things in order around our home. Let’s take a look at the checklist I put together for you.  


·      Check to make sure that all breakers in your electrical panel are labeled

·      Test your breakers by turning them off and on

·      See if you have enough electrical outlets for your needs in every room

·      Check if all switches and outlets work properly

·      Make sure all switches and outlets have faceplates installed correctly

·      Check if Ground Fault Circuit interrupters are used for plugged in appliances are near water

·      Make sure that if you use extension cords they are open and not tucked under rugs and furniture

These are some of the things that we can do on our own. Take some time to look through your home and if you find something that is faulty make sure to ask for professional help.