Enjoy Travelling? Consider a Home Exchange

Enjoy travelling.

One of the major costs of travelling is lodging. Meanwhile, your lovely home in Walnut Creek is sitting there empty. It seems like a bit of a waste doesn’t it – to pay to stay somewhere while you have a perfectly good home? Luckily, the idea of home swaps or home exchanges is becoming quite common, and seniors can take advantage.


House exchanges don’t have to be just houses either. Since each exchange is negotiated individually you can find a condo, townhouse, yacht, or even an RV to stay in – practically anywhere in the world! The only catch is that the person you are exchanging with will be staying in your home while you are gone, which is something that may take some time getting used to.


In order to find the perfect house exchange you may have to spend some time on the Internet searching. You may first want to decide on where in the world you would like to visit first, and then take it from there. Certain websites may be able to facilitate a “connection” with other home exchangers, and they generally charge a nominal fee. Here are a few sites to check out:


- HomeLink: This organization has been in business for over 50 years and has a solid reputation.

- Roof Swap: Offers a secure site where you can post and search for potential home exchanges.

- Digsville: An easy-to-navigate site that lets your search for the perfect home exchange.

- Luxe Home Swap: For more discerning exchangers, this site helps luxury home owners connect.


Before you commit to a home exchange, make sure you feel comfortable with the process. E-mail the other party, and ask lots of questions. If a phone call would make you feel more at ease then it’s worth the few dollars in long-distance. Prior to leaving ensure your home is neat and tidy, and double-check that your home (and auto) insurance will cover you while someone else is there.

So the next time you put off a vacation because it is too expensive, consider exchanging a stay your Walnut Creek home while you see the world!