Final Walk-Through Checklist

What is a Final Walk-Through Checklist?

The final walk-through is the buyer’s last chance to make sure everything is in good order prior the closing of the home they are purchasing. This final step can reduce the possibility of major disasters. Although at this point we already had a professional Home Inspector’s review and report that we found acceptable, it is a good idea to see if anything has happened between the time the inspector looked through the home and the time of closing. I always accompany my clients to the walk-through so that we can all feel we have done everything that we possibly could to make sure that the house they are about to move in is in good condition. Remember it is your right to have a final walk-through of the property. Now take a look at the checklist I use below  that can guide you and remind you of the things to check during your final inspection of the home.


1. Make sure seller left all owner’s manuals for appliances that remain.

2. Check if all permits, warranties and receipt are left for you.

3. Check all appliances. Yes start the dishwasher, run a load of laundry!

4. Examine, the attic, the crawlspace and the basement.

5. Check steps, sidewalks and patios for any change.

6. Check the roof for any missing or broken shingles.

7. Check if everything is repaired to your satisfaction that is part of the contract.

8. Check for new signs of damage such as water damage, gouges or stains.

9. Turn on and off all light fixtures.

10. Check all outlets for power.

11. Test the furnace and the AC.

12. Flush all toilets.

13. Check all faucets for hot and cold water pressure and temperature.

14. Test the garage opener.

15. Run the garbage disposal.

16. Open and close every inside and outside doors and windows.

17. Check sprinkler and pool.

18. Check for wall and floor cracks.

19. Check under sinks for leaks.

20. Check all locks to make sure they all work.

21. Check stove, oven, microwave.

22. Verify that all smoke detectors, carbon-mooxide detectors, security systems and door bells are in working order.

23. Make sure sellers didn’t remove anything that was supposed to stay.

24. Make sure the home is relatively clean and ready for you to move in.

25. Review drains, downspouts and gutters.

Once you checked everything and you are satisfied, head over to your closing and savor the joy of being a homeowner.