Holiday Season Home Buying

The last quarter of every year always seems to have a uptick in home buying. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Some people say it is the holiday spirit while others truly believe it is the quarter to make final financial commitments for the year. Either way, there is an upswing in the home buying process. This said, here are a few tips around the greater Walnut Creek for buying a home during the holidays;

1. Inventory will be limited, but you can get a great deal- so start looking!  There is a limit around the holiday season on homes for sale because people are busy with the “to dos” of the season, but also note that people are more in the giving spirit and they are also trying to head into the New Year with more money, which usually means they are better willed to make a deal during this time. Scout the local inventory and then try to get a good deal because you usually can this time of year.

2. Limited property means less competition- so take your time! Yes, inventory being limited can also work to your advantage this time of year. If you’re looking to buy, you have options because there is less of a chance of heading into a bidding war with an investor or an attached buyer. You can take the time to find the house you really want, even with inventory limited, and then you can wheel and deal a good offer versus having to jump into the fire without thinking.

3. People do business faster- so get ready to close. Typically, you can move people along quicker in the holiday season when it comes to requesting paperwork to buy a home. Whatever it is you need is usually easier to get around the holiday season. You may think just the opposite with so many people gone on holiday, but the truth is- production on paperwork is up because people want to get as much off of their plate during this time- and they feel nicer about helping others buy things during this time, too. So, if you are still putting together your financials to get approved for a home, now is a good time to start doing so!