Is It Time to Move?

Is it time for you to move?

You wake up one morning, you sit down to read the paper. It feels just like any other day and while you are sipping on your hot coffee, it suddenly hits you – it may be time to move. Whether you are fed up with renting and want to purchase your very first home or there are way too many kids for 3 bedrooms, moving is always a tough yet very exciting decision. Many of us struggle with the idea of moving because it is a major event in all of our lives. It takes careful consideration and organization, not to mention how very emotional and stressful it can be. On the upside, however the possibility of finding the perfect home that fits our current lifestyle is very  thrilling.


We are not exactly the same people we were 10 years ago. Our styles, our preferences, our lives change overtime and what once made us fall in love with a home might be the exact reason why we feel it just does not work anymore. The simplest question to ask is: Am I where I want to be? If the neighborhood does not appeal to you anymore than the answer is yes. There are however many other factors we need to consider as well depending on our current situation. Are we in the school district where we want the kids to go? Are we close to work? Is our home a good investment? We all have to sit down and look at all the important questions pertaining our lives and come up with the best decision we can.


Beside our desire to move, we need to make sure that are finances are in order as well. When moving up you need be certain that you can comfortably service a higher debt. Are you sure that you see an upward trend in your income level say, two or three years down the line? If your answer to these questions are yes than most likely it is time for you to move.

Make a list

Start a list and write down everything that you are looking for to understand whether it is time for you to move. Include the activities, the climate, the lifestyle that you and your family would love. Explore neighborhoods, other cities or even states and find the perfect spot. Get in your car, take a trip and see if you can find what your heart desires. If you have a dream place than go after it and make it happen.