John Muir Would of Been Proud

John Muir John Muir Hostipal

I grew up in Walnut Creek,  I remember when my Father’s friend, Dr. Fred Hanson told him of the plans to build a hospital in Walnut Creek.  Up to then, there was a small Kaiser hospital in Walnut Creek and Mt. Diablo Medical Center in Concord. 

The John Muir hospital project has been an on-going project since the 1960′s.  Ironically, it was built on the old slaughter-house properties along Shell Ridge.  I believe that this was a very important part of the growth of Walnut Creek and Central Contra Costa County.  Doctors and medical professionals from around the country moved to this little town that was all of 5, 000 people.  My friend, retiredWalnut Creek Police Captain, Captain, Neil Stratton who is now the Executive Director of the Contra Costa Police Athletic Association was a beat cop in Walnut Creek when the growth started to boom. 

John Muir Health is in the process of building a new five story, 347,000 square feet facility.  The organization has made tremendous efforts to make sure that the design plans incorporate current and anticipated needs in medical innovations as well as the needs of our community.  Also in the spirit of Greening Walnut Creek, the new facility will be nearly paperless.  Electronic medical records and computerized entries from doctors and staff is a priority to the designers and contractors.

Sustainable materials are a priority as well.  Construction  employs recycled steel and the drywall is made of recycled newspaper, phone books and corrugated cartons.  it will be a truly eco-friendly building. I am told that it will meet or exceed all state and federal regulations for construction.  This project represents an $80 million investment in the East Bay Area of San Francisco.  It good for the community, creates jobs keeps Walnut Creek in the forefront of the Best Cities in the US to Live.