Kids Read Books In Walnut Creek

walnut creek library

Contra Costa Times writer, Elisabeth Nardi wrote a story in today’s Walnut Creek Journal,  a weekly section of the Contra Costa Times that Walnut Heights Elementary School children  read more the 1000 books and over 121 million words this school year.  Why should that interest a Walnut Creek real estate blog?

If you look at the homes that sell in neighborhoods like Walnut Heights, San Miguel, Rudgear, Parkmead and other Walnut Creek neighborhoods, you will find that they sell rather quickly.  Home buyers do care about schools.  Even home buyers without school aged children care about schools. Well we all knoew that, you say.

Yes, but when I started to think about the big picture.   T here are other valuable lessons learned besides the education of our children and value of our homes.  We are teaching these kids healthy competition.  I have to think that chatter around the playground and walking to school includes their literary victories and some sort of  ”I can read more than you”  throw down.  Setting goals inter-acting with other children and teacher is good for everyone.

I applaud Walnut Heights School and the facility for pushing aside the financial distractions and doing a good job.  Oh, by the way, the illustration is our new Walnut Creek Library that will open July 17, 2010.