Learn About Senior Peer Counseling in Contra Costa County

If you’re 55 years of age or older and a Contra Costa County resident, you can take part in a unique program designed to stimulate the self-help approach to mental health.

The Senior Peer Counseling Program is administered by the Contra Costa Health Services department and utilizes senior volunteers from the community to help counsel other seniors who are experiencing depression or simply require emotional support.

All services provided to senior adults and boomers in the area are free of charge. Volunteers help other seniors work through problems, such as illnesses, family issues, loss and grief.

The program offers both individual counseling and support group environments.

Volunteers are needed and warm, caring, non-judgemental individuals who are interested in giving back to the Contra Costa County community are urged to apply. You’ll take part in a training program and receive regular training support and feedback from mental health professionals as you strive to help others.

According to a 2006 article in the Contra Costa Times “The peer counselors are required to go through an extensive eight-week training course and are urged to commit to the program for a year.”

For more information or a training application please call 925-521-5640.

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