Less is More on Thanksgiving Day

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day

Only a few more days and we can finally sit around the table enjoying the wonderful taste of Mom’s turkey and Aunt Julie’s one of a kind mashed potatoes with gravy. The streets are buzzing, the lines are long in the stores, and traffic is worst than usual. We are getting ready – well, to eat of course!

So many of us wait 364 days to see that beautifully cooked bird in the middle of the table, and much more than that. Between, the stuffing, the casserole, the pumpkin and pecan pie we forget we might just overdid it again. Before you make another run to the store picking up just one more item, stop for a second. We are a nation of wasters!  Especially on big holidays like Thanksgiving. Between our enthusiasm and the overwhelming stress that we feel preparing for the holiday, we tend to forget just how much of anything we really need. Ok, I know this might feel like I am taking the magic away from Thanksgiving, after all what is the holiday like without all the yummy food – but still think about it just for a minute.

Less Is More

Families across America waste 25%of all food prepared on Thanksgiving. How many families live in your neighborhood alone? In your School District, in your Zip Code? You can quickly add up the enormous amount of food that lands in the garbage can right after dinner. The image is pretty stark, isn’t it? But there is something we can all do about it. We can scale back, save money and stop wasting food. Easy to do tips can allow all of us to cut back on throwing food away. Let’s take a look at some of the ways, shall we?

Use smaller plates

Often we are so hungry and eager to taste everything on the table that we tend to put way too much on our plates. The bigger the plates the more food we think we can consume. However all too often we end up getting full half way through and leave the rest to go to waste. Using smaller plates will not only help you but help everyone in your family to put the right portions on their plate. This is especially good idea for kids who normally abandon the dinner table to go have fun with each other instead.

No bulk food items

Go to you local farmer’s market to purchase the necessary ingredients for the holiday. All too often we buy in bulks leaving so much if it to go to waste. It is not only a great way to find fresh food but you can definitely make sure not to buy too much you really don’t need.

Potlock is in

Have everyone in the family bring something to the table. Instead of relying solely on yourself, have the rest of the gang pitch in. It is really a fun way to save time, money and get a chance to admire other’s homemade dishes.


To be very economical, plan ahead for all the leftovers. Look up some Thanksgiving leftover recipes and make sure you can use up as much as you can for the coming days. It is well worth it.

These are just some of the things we can do to save money and food. What are your traditions in your family? Share it with us on Facebook. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.