Local Info

If you’re a dog lover you will want to visit these places.  SF Dog Friendly Areas will guide you to places in the San Francisco East Bay Area as well as traveling throughout the United State with your canine family friend.

A good debate about the sports rivalries in the San Francisco Bay Area is a common site,  SF Bay Area Sports will give you sports information about all the local sports teams.

We have great access to parks, walking trails and vast views from our respected open spaces, local, State and US Parks.  SF Bay Area Parks provides links to many of these areas.

SF Bay Area Museums Links to many of the museums in the San Francisco Bay Area.  These sites will tell you about their permanent exhibits as well as traveling and guest shows as well.

Many of  our newspapers are available on line as well.SF Bay Area Newspapers will link you to their sites.

Need information about how to register to vote?  Property Taxes or anything about local government SF Bay Area County Websites takes you to the County websites.  If you’re looking for City information, just Google the name of the city.

Living in the San Francisco East Bay, you may want information about BART. SF Bay Area Transportation will link you to all public transportation.  Most of the sites have great mapping features too.  Take BART into San Francisco and transfer to a bus.  These sites will map it out for you.