Location, Location – The ‘Why’ Behind This

Almost everyone has heard that in real estate “location, location, location” means everything. Well, this is very true, but do you know the reason(s) behind the popular sayings? Location is important to a home buyer for three very vital reasons. When buying a home, and even when selling a home, location is important to what you pay (or what you get) for the following reasons;

1. Security is important to people. The location of a home does determine the level of safety for its residents. Bad area means more crime and less safety and security. It also means that things like car insurance and home insurance rates can go lower or higher.

2. Commute time and gas. People in the greater Walnut Creek area don’t mind traveling a bit for  work, but a long commute to the grocery store, the kids’ schools, and such- well that becomes a problem.  Spending too much money on gas and too much time in the car for basic life essentials or to cut loose on a Friday night is not appealing to buyers when finding their “space space” and next home.

3. Neighborhood.  Yes, neighbors are always an issue. People want cheery neighbors that mind their business and keep their distance. If a neighbor’s home looks terrible or if a drive by to the location shows all the neighbors out and about at once, well these things can reflect a lot about a location and if someone wants to be there.

Location means everything, especially here in the greater Walnut Creek area. If you have questions on how location can drive up the price of your dream home or stunt a sale on your family home, please don’t hesitate to contact me.