Moving in Walnut Creek, Tips

Moving isn’t easy and many people don’t want to hire professional movers because of privacy or financial concerns. Moving can get expensive and you have strangers all over your personal items. If you’re moving in Walnut Creek, know that our moving companies are pretty comprehensive and pleasant to work with. This said, I’ve put together 5 easy tips if you are moving yourself.

1. Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials first. Put this in your car. You need something easy to rummage through when you get to the new place and after a day of work – you’re not going to want to dig through boxes. So, pack an outfit, your PJS, your night essentials, your morning essentials, a roll of TP, a roll of paper towels, one garbage bag, a towel, pills, and a phone charger. Anything you may need for an overnight staycation should go in this bag.

2. Pack items you need to live in clear bins. These are items that have to be easy to find, such as plates and glasses, business files, personal files, etc. Anything that is going to add functionality to your new place but isn’t an immediate need should go in plastic bins, not boxes, and should be unpacked first.

3. Wrap breakables in towels. This will help you save on the cost of bubble wrap. I knew one woman who did a towel per dish (hey, she packed both at the same time) and then but a big blanket over the box. It worked. She also put her glasses inside clean socks.

4. Don’t simply label what is in the boxes, label what room they go in. “Books” can be pretty generic. Knowing what books (along with other items) go where is key to unpacking quickly and without stress.

5. Use Glad’s Press-and-Seal plastic wrap to keep your drawers in tact. Yes, this works. Dresser drawers basically are their own moving boxes. Using this type of plastic wrap will keep you from having to unpack and refold their contents. It is a huge time saver. The wrap works for jewelry and make-up organizers, too.

Until next time,
Sam Benson