My 2 cents about Contra Costa Schools


Our Quality of Life

Our Quality of Life

Most school districts in Contra Costa County seem to be suffering  tremendous financial short falls.  The district that gets the most Press is Mt. Diablo School District.  Jobs are being cut, both credentialed teachers and administrators and  School hours are being shortened.  Property is going without proper maintenance in many cases around the County as well.

Please correct me if I missed something, but have the Unions offered anything to correct the financial situation?  I’m sure if I was on a California teachers pension, I would not be writing this blog post.

Our property values, commercial economy, quality of life, infrastructure and pretty much everything else depend on all of us investing in our schools and education.

I hope that all parties continue to work toward the common goal that benefits our communities and not the single interests that play such a large part of our National political climate.  These are our families and our neighbors families.  let’s keep our eye on the ball and all work toward the good of our communities.