Natural Gas Home Safety Tips for the San Francisco East Bay

A massive explosion recently in Indianapolis killed two people, destroyed several homes, and severely damaged 80 others. An accident with natural gas is suspected as the cause.

This tragedy made me realize how vulnerable we all are with the natural gas that is piped into our homes and workplaces here in Walnut Creek and all across the San Francisco East Bay. As a result, I thought I’d put together this page full of resources and tips to help your family stay safe and recognize the possible signs of a natural gas problem.

If you think you smell the distinctive “rotten egg” odor of leaking natural gas, first vacate the area immediately and THEN call your local natural gas provider or 911.

Using a cellphone or regular land line can spark an explosion, so LEAVE the area FIRST!

Natural Gas Safety Tips

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Call BEFORE you dig. It’s the law.