Passion for California Modern

Walnut Creek Eichler 

My wife Christine and I became Eichler fanatics many years ago.  The design, lifestyle and architecture of these California Modern homes create a tremendous environment for an open floorplan with floor to ceiling windows and “loft like” living feeling.

 Joseph Eichler was a California based residential real estate developer know for building homes in the Modernist style.  He build over 11,000 homes in Northern California.  The San Francisco Bay Area Eichlers are mostly in Marin County, the East Bay; specifically Walnut Creek Eichlers, Concord Eichlers and Castro Valley Eichlers. Other areas include San Mateo, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and San Jose.  There are also communities of Eichler in Southern California.

Unlike most of the ranch style homes build with stucco, Eichlers are on concrete slab floors with radiant heat, large walls of glass, post and bean construction and semi flat roofs that show off the modern style.  Through the years there has been a rediscovery of this architecture.  Families are remodeling the Eichlers back to the original contemporary styles.

My collegue, Heidi Slocomb and I have an Eichler Faire every Spring in Walnut Creek.  I will continue to write about these homes and hope that you will join us at an open house or the Eichler Fair.  Feel free to email us at to put your email adress on our list.