Preventing Sudden Oak Death in the San Francisco East Bay

A recent 2012 University of California at Berkeley study reports that the pathogen that spreads the disorder known as Sudden Oak Disease is on the rise across the San Francisco East Bay, attacking trees with a lethal vengeance.

The problem is considered “epidemic” in portions of the East Bay, with some areas showing nearly one in two trees to be affected. The pathogen is primarily spread by Bay Laurel oaks, and the rate of infection in that tree is used as an indicator to how extensive the problem may be in a specific area.

As a Walnut Creek real estate agent, I know how important trees are to homeowners and property owners all across Contra Costa County, and how the loss of trees or disease within them can decrease the value of a property. As such, I’ve put together this page as a resource to help you understand, identify and hopefully prevent Sudden Oak Disease in your trees.

And remember, from Lafayette to Orinda to Benicia to Pleasant Hills, property owners who work together can help minimize the spread of the disease from one tree to another across the East Bay.

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