Property Mangement in Greater Walnut Creek & Contra Costa County

The best property managers have been doing it for a long time.  They have a team of  people  that can maintain and repair their portfolio of homes in a very short period of time.  Tenant rights are very important in California.  Not  just knowing tenant rights but providing an environment that makes your tenant feel comfortable keeps homes, town homes and condos occupied longer.  The bottom line is everyone is happy, the real estate investor has cash flow, the tenant has a home they can enjoy and the property management company is doing their job.

The Greater Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County has several good residential property management company.  Lee Shapiro is the owner/Broker of Realty World, Premier Properties in Concord have been the property management company I have recommend for many years.  Lee and his team offer a great service at a competitive price.  They truly care about their clients and tenants in Contra Costa County.

These uneven economic times have created more tenants and more real estate investors.  Buying residential investment real estate in the Contra Costa County is on the rise and so is the need for rentals.