Real Estate Iphone Apps

Iphone and Real Estate

This weekend was one many had been waiting for impatiently. The new IPhone 5s had just hit stores and once more thousands of people were waiting in line for hours to put their hands on the latest Apple product. Apple CEO Tim Cook even dropped in to the famous Palo Alto Apple store in California on Friday to greet the customers. With a 25% market share of smartphones in the United States, 18 million people own and use their Iphones every single day. Out of 72.5 million smartphone users in the country that is one big chunk. In the age of technology, news like such circle the globe instantly and although some say Iphones are not for them many thinks it is still the coolest phone around.

Real Estate Iphone apps for you

The reason I decided to write about Iphones today is because there are countless of great real estate Iphone apps that at one point in time might come in very handy or even more so would be very useful to you. Naturally we all have to try them, play around with them and figure for ourselves whether an app is good, bad or simply something we just couldn’t imagine living without. I am sharing 3 real estate Iphone applications with you. If you have or are already using one, please share with us and I will gladly put it on the list below.

Real Estate Applications on Iphone


This FREE application is great. Anywhere I go, anywhere I am, anything I am looking for can be found on this app. If you are thinking about moving into a neighborhood you are not familiar with this application can guide you through all the amenities you need living there. Do you need to know where the closest bank is, hospitals, restaurants or your favorite coffee shop? This app will show you all within the area. Using AroundMe you don’t ever have to feel so lost in any place, town, city  anymore.This guide makes it fast and simple to find out what’s around you. Alternative to AroundMe is NearBy.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, this application is one of the nicest. The layout out is easy to follow, interactive and and has a great map view pointing out the apartment on the map you are looking for. Very easy to navigate and gives you all the information about the apartment that you are interested in. Alternative to is MyNewPlace.

Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

You do not have to be a real estate professional to invest in this wonderful app. It does cost $8.99, however there is none better out there. Barron’s is the essential guide in the world of real estate terms. The information is phenomenal and if you are looking for one of the best resources out there, this is sure it. Alternative to the Barron’s is the FREE app, The Real Estate License Professor.