Red Door, Blue Home = Sales

There is a certain psychology to selling a home, especially when it comes to visibility. The use of color can make or break a home sale. While neutral colors on the inside are great for allowing potential buyers to see the home through their own style, the outside colors of a home have a major impact on how quickly it sells- if it sells.


So, what are the colors that I see work to sell a house fast and over asking price when it comes to its exterior?

#1 Off-white. It’s pretty neutral and helps buyers picture their own landscape or personal touches better when it comes to walking up to the house.

#2. Taupe. A survey of home colors, focusing on the psychology of color, found that Tony Taupe (SW 7038) by Sherman Williams is one of the country’s most popular choices for neutral exterior paint! Across-the-board, people seem to love this color!

#3. Gray, but it can’t be any gray. Dark grays are very popular right now and the trend is predicted to continue for the next ten years. Benjamin Moore Copley Gray (HC-104) is a color often used around the Northern California area for both interior and exterior paint.

#4. Yellow! People think of yellow as a happy color. However, it has to have a creamy, almost pastel finish in order to work on the outside of the house and it should be paired with lighter beige or off-white accents. When people see yellow homes, they perceive them as happy homes filled with a happy family.

#5. Blue Gray. This color paint has a nautical feel to it, making homes close to the ocean or in ocean sitting states sell faster than beige homes or brown homes. You don’t want to go too dark with this color shade, however, as it can make a home look aged.

And finally, pick a red door! Homes with red doors sell quicker than homes with white, beige, or taupe colored doors. Homes with dark doors don’t sell well at all. On a subconscious level, we are draw to homes with red doors as they mean protection and excitement.

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