Rightsizing at Rossmoor with Donna Reynolds of Home Rearrangements

One of the challenges many seniors face when transitioning to a smaller space in retirement is figuring out how to decorate their new home in the style they love, while dealing with the fact that there just isn’t as much room for all the decorative elements from the old family home. Fortunately, Rossmoor residents have the expert advice of Donna Reynolds of Home Rearrangements to turn to.

As the Home Rearrangements website puts it, Donna’s service will help you “rearrange, reuse, regroup, redesign, recycle and renew what you already own for a complete new look to your entire home.” This can be an especially valuable service for seniors who’ve recently moved and aren’t sure how exactly to recapture the magic of their previous residence. With this in mind, Rossmoor has arranged for Donna to present a class specifically focused on furniture rearrangement to make the best use of space while creating an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Donna’s class meets next Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 10 a.m. in Rossmoor’s Multipurpose Room 3. Class participants are encouraged to bring photos from rooms that could use some help to get Donna’s expert advice. Not sure where your favorite couch should go in your new place, or which end the end table belongs at? Snap a photo and bring it along!

The Home Rearrangements class is free for Rossmoor residents, but space is limited, so make reservations with Kelly Berto by calling 925-988-7703. And if you’d like to schedule Donna for a consultation at your Rossmoor home, you can contact her through the Home Rearrangements website. Let the rearranging begin!