Rossmoor FAQ


Rossmoor was once the Stanley Dollar Cattle Ranch.  As kids, we would play in Mr. Dollar’s hay barn, spending hours building forts out of the hay bails.  This aggravated Mr. Dollar to the point that they put all the Bulls in the hay barn pasture.  Only the bravest of us would make the run from the fence line to the barn.  In reality, it was probably only about 50 feet, but the idea of the bull chasing us made it a real adventure.
Today there are about 9,000 people living behind the security gates of Rossmoor.  Several different types of house are available.

CO-OPs:  These garden type apartments were the first  homes built in Walnut Creek Rossmoor.  The ownership is similar to many of the apartment house in New York City because you own a share of the entire building, like shares of stock, but have rights to your own apartment.
CONDOS:  There are many different types of Condos in Rossmoor, they range from garden style to multi story buildings
TOWNHOMES:  These have garages and are larger than the Condos and Co-ops of Rossmoor.
HOUSES:  This is the best kept secret of Walnut Creek Rossmoor.  A few dozern single family homes were build.  They  range in size and view, but offer a great lifestyle.
THE WATERFORD:  Apartments in The Waterford at Rossmoor offer full services, meals, etc.

In order to live in Walnut Creek Rossmoor you must be at least 55 years old. In other words, one of the owners has to my 55 years or older.  Rentals are maximum one year according to the HOA.
The average age in Walnut Creek Rossmoor is about 77 years old, however  well over 1,000 of the residents are under 65 years of age.  It continues to be a buyer’s real estate make in Rossmoor.  Many different type of homes are for sale.  Down sizing is one of the top reasons people move here.  The Rossmoor News is the local newspaper.

If you want a tour of Walnut Creek Rossmoor or would like to receive a package of printed material, just send me an email or give me a call.  It’s my pleasure.