Sell Your Walnut Creek Home Quickly

There are certain things you and your real estate professional can do to help sell your Walnut Creek, CA home quickly. Some of these tips are common sense, but some of them are real estate industry secrets. We here at Sam Benson Real Estate are pleased to offer them all to you!

First, know that pictures work. 92% of homebuyers start their house hunt online, and they will never come see your home if the online listings do not standout. In real estate, compelling means pictures! A study by shows that listings with more than 6 pictures are twice as likely to be viewed by buyers as listings that had fewer than 6 pictures. Are you or your real estate agent putting up enough pictures?

Use social media like nobody’s business, especially Facebook! Facebook is the great connector of people these days. If you have 200 friends and they each have 200 friends, imagine the power of that network in getting the word out about your house! Instagram with the right hashtag works, too. Remember, visibility is key and social media has the largest audience possible.

Pay attention to the details when you want to quickly sell your Walnut Creek home. This means making sure that the little nicks and scratches, doorknobs that don’t work, and wonky handles are all repaired before you start showing your home. Any small holes in a wall from nails need to be patched and scuffs on the floorboards should be cleaned. Presentation is everything.

Finally, know what you are up against before you stick to your guns on pricing. This means going to a few open houses in your area so you know what buyers will be comparing your home to.

These simple, yet needed tips, can and will help you sell your home quickly under the right circumstances.