Sell Your Walnut Creek Home Today, Free Tips!

I’m always asked “Sam, what’s the best way to sell my home fast?” Well, homes and condos are in-demand right now. Many sellers are leaping into their rightsize lifestyle situations by selling the family home. And there are plenty of buyers right now, resulting in above market offers that are backed by multiple bids.


To answer this common question, however, I do have 3 amazing tips to help clients sell their family home and to do so in record time. Here they are;

1. List your home at 20% below market. You might be thinking “WHAT!” There is a strategy behind this, especially in the current marketing. The listing price will get you traction. Everyone will want to see the home with an interest as to why the price is so low. With all this new interest in your property, buyers will start coming in with multiple offers. They are more willing to bid the price over what your home is actually worth because of the deal it was initially listed at!

2. Empty out the closets (2/3rds of the way) and then hide a pastry scented fragrance bar in it. People love to look for space. The bigger your home appears, and the more storage or closet space it has, the more likely you are to receive an offer. So, yes – rent storage space for our items (or have an Estate sale) and clean up those closets. They should only be 1/3 full and everything should look neat, organized and the closet should smell good. Make sure to tell your agent or broker about the closest and encourage him or her to show them off!

3. Clean the house and make sure the house is always “view” ready. This may seem very obvious, but you’ll be surprised. A single dirty dish in a kitchen sink can turn a buyer off. Dirty homes, extra dust, small things (like dishes) will make a potential buyer view the house as dirty and not worth what its listing price. It may be a pain to dust and vacuum a house every morning before you leave, but it is worth it!

Until next time,
Sam Benson