Selling Homes in Walnut Creek this Summer

People tend not to consider that summer heat does impact how someone views a home. If you’re shopping for a house to buy in the summer, you tend to spend more time online researching the house than actually visiting homes and stepping inside to experience all they may have to offer- you know, the stuff not captured by virtual tours or pictures. The mindset of the summer shopper is different, which is why I have created 3 tips to help you sell your home mid Walnut Creek’s summer.

1. Always show the home with the lights on. Yes, even if it is a bright and sunny day,  keep the lights on throughout the house during any showings. When someone walks in from the bright sunlight, if a house is dark, their eyes don’t adjust right and the home can look smaller than it is and depressing. Turn on all the lights in the home to offset this from happening.

2. Deal with summer landscape before it deals with you.  Consider adding some colorful flowers to enhance curb appeal, which helps make the home pop in the summer hear. Make sure you also keep the lawn watered and the sidewalk and front porch swept. Spiders become very busy this time of year. You may have to keep after them on a daily basis. Look up, down, and all around for their webs. Check for trails of ants, too.

3. The traditional cookies in the oven will not work as much as flavored lemonades and frozen grapes during the summer. Adjust how you market the home and its experience by adjusting to the summer heat. These small details will make a difference when showing and then selling your home.