Selling Your Own Walnut Creek Home is A Mistake

If you’re thinking about selling your own home, think again.  Sure, you’re going to save yourself money but you may end up with more of a financial headache in the end, if not short changing yourself.  Below are three reasons you don’t want to sell your own home in the current market.

1. More money from the sale doesn’t mean less liability.

When you sell the home yourself, you don’t have to pay for the help of a real estate expert. Since real estate agents can charge a percentage fee based on the sale price, you could save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. However, you’re not an expert and you can short change yourself out of thousands of dollars, too. The National Association of Realtors says that over ninety percent of all for sale by owners fail and end up hiring a real estate agent in the long run, wasting both time and money and possibly missing out on a great opportunity to have sold their home to a qualified buyer.

2. You have complete control over the sale, but do you understand what this means?!

Sure, you may feel like you are in complete control of the sales process and you get to decide how you will price  your home, as well as how you negotiate any deal. But do you understand that selling your own home means that you are losing valuable counseling and expertise of a potential professional, which means you may be missing out on financial opportunities or losing out on liability protection?

3. You can devote your full attention to selling your home, and nothing but selling your home.

Know that when you sell your own home, you can devote all your available time and energy to the sale. This means you are going to be on call for others who want to see your home. While you may think you are dedicating a lot of time to the home, please understand that you will be dedicating almost all of your time to selling and servicing your home selling effort. If you work during the day when potential buyers want to see the home and you’re not available, you will not be able to connect with potential sales, thus it will take longer to sell your home. Isn’t this worth having a professional realtor become involved starting day one?

Don’t waste time over a few thousand dollars when you can sell your home fast, correctly and with the guidance of a professional!