Senior Housing Search Terms

Did you know how people search for senior homes varies. I recently performed a Google Proxy search to notate the differences and the results were interesting- to say the least.

Seniors seek out housing using terms like “senior housing” or “senior homes” while their adult children use terms like “senior communities” or “assisted living”- which are two very different things.  Almost neither demographic sought out the term “nursing home”- which returned a 8% SEO result over the past two years.

There are many options when it comes to downsizing the family home.  Retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted living, senior communities, senior apartments, group homes,  congregate housing, condo living, independent living communities, life care communities, and managed care are all different search terms that will yield a vast array of living options for seniors. While the searches are popular and serve a basic purpose, they all mean very different things.

Are you using the right search term to find your next perfect living situation?

I can help you discover the right option for your (or your family member) living situation.  Understanding the benefits and negatives associated with your preferred search term vs. your particular health and financial needs is key to finding the right space. Plus, location has to be a consideration too!

Don’t blindly search key terms related to senior housing. Instead, set up an appointment with me to discuss your specific situation so the terms and options can be narrowed down to gain results that are best for your circumstances.

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